Jordi Alba is in Miami because of Messi’s big offer

Jordi Alba is in Miami

Jordi Alba is in Miami because of Messi’s big offer

Have you seen the smiling picture of Messi-Alba in Inter Miami’s training jersey? If you’ve seen it and you’re a Barca fan, it’s natural to reminisce about the old days.

Reminding you of the old days, Jordi Alba coming to Miami or more precisely the Messi-Alba-Busquets reunion was not so easy. Barcelona left-back Alba had to leave a big offer to come to Miami. Alba in Miami, despite having a bigger offer in terms of money, the Spanish footballer told the media.

Alba spent 11 seasons with Barcelona before coming to Miami. He played 605 matches for Barça in all competitions. Although a defensive player, he played a significant role in creating the attack, as evidenced by 37 goals and 107 assists. After winning everything possible at Barca, Alba became a free footballer at the end of the last season. After that, he received a big offer from Saudi Arabia.

Looking at the number of Saudi football team transfers, one can get an idea that the offer given to Alba was not low. But in the end, this Barca legend joined Messi in Miami, ‘There were offers of bigger sums, but the priority for me was to think myself important. I think I made the right decision. This club is trying the hardest to get me.

Alba played 9 seasons with Messi in Barcelona and played more with Busquets – 11 seasons. Naturally, Alba is happy to be reunited with his old teammates again in Miami. And not only with old teammates but also with old coach Tata Martino, Alba is reuniting. Alba gave these relationships more importance than money, ‘very happy to reunite with Leo and Busquets. Not just us three, there are many good footballers in this team who will help us win all the matches. We know Tata, he also knows about us. I know this project too. That’s why I decided to come here. I have only been here for three or four days, but it seems that I have spent my whole life here.’

Alba is a bit late to join the team as he became a father late last month. Messi, Busquets made his debut for Miami, but Alba has not yet been seen. It is also not certain whether Alba will be seen in the League Cup match against Orlando. Although Alba says he is physically fit, “I’m physically OK, but I have to adapt to this weather.”

Messi won the team with a pair of goals

He entered the field in the debut match in 54 minutes. A magical free-kick won the team at the last minute. Messi was in the starting XI against Atalanta. Inter Miami fans got a chance to see Messi-Magic a little more in this match. Inter Miami defeated Atalanta 4-0 in the League Cup with two goals and one assist from the Argentine captain. Robert Taylor scorred the other two goals for Miami. With this win, Inter Miami reached the knockout round of the Leagues Cup.

Like Messi, Sergio Busquets was in the starting XI. It didn’t take long for the two former Barcelona footballers to make an impact on the match. Messi scored in just 8 minutes of the match with Busquets’ extended ball.

In the first round, however, Messi’s shot hit the goalpost. However, the ball returned to the post and Messi netted with his right foot. Miami’s next goal also came from Messi’s foot, not the usual left foot, Messi also scored this goal with his right foot. The goal came in the 22nd minute with an assist from Taylor.

Miami’s third goal came from the foot of Taylor who assisted Messi’s second goal. The Argentine captain was also the source of this goal. At the end of the first half, Messi passed the ball to Benjamin Cremaschi. Then Cremaschir passed to Taylor. From there, Taylor hit the ball into the net with a great shot. Tata Martino’s team took a 3-0 lead in the first half. After the break, Taylor scored the rest of the goals. In the 53rd minute, Taylor scored using Messi’s extended ball.

Messi left the field in the 77th minute to confirm the victory. Robbie Robinson came on as a substitute. Busquets was substituted 5 minutes later.

In the end, Atlanta got a penalty but could not reduce the loss gap. Argentinian footballer Thiago Almada failed to score from the penalty. In the end, Miami won 4-0. Messi-Busquets’ former team-mate Jordi Alba was rumored to debut in the match against Atalanta, but he was not seen in this match.

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